Pre-Construction Services

Bidding Services

Acorn Construction Company can provide a hard dollar bid, a bid with a guaranteed maximum price, a fee percentage for cost-plus projects, or we can provide design build services as required by your particular project needs.

State of the Art Estimating Software Program

Acorn Construction Company utilizes a fully integrated cost estimating program.  The program takes a project from the original cost estimate and transfers it to our cost accounting system.  Costs are allocated within the 16 construction cost divisions allowing Acorn to track costs throughout the project including all materials, equipment and manpower.  These costs are analyzed and compared to the budgeted amounts on a weekly basis to keep production on schedule and to alleviate variances at project completion.

State of the Art Scheduling Software

Acorn Construction Company uses Suretrak Project Manager Scheduling Software to help keep our projects on schedule.  This scheduling software uses the Critical Path Method (CPM) where each major project activity is entered into the schedule and all of the “critical” items are identified at the beginning of the project allowing ample time to get items ordered with long lead times allowing the project to progress without delays.

Cost Management and Control System

Cost Management begins when the first estimate is made.  Every item is assigned a cost code that is associated with its manpower, material and equipment costs. These cost items are transferred to the accounting department and become the budget for the project.  Acorn’s Project Superintendent’s keep track of the hours worked per cost item as well as the units produced for that particular item.  This method allows Acorn to stay on budget and these amounts are archived to be used in bidding future projects.

Subcontractor solicitation and management

Acorn has a large data base of suppliers and subcontractors to choose from in order to get a competitive price and quality workmanship.  We have worked with many of these suppliers and subcontractors for over 30 years; however, we do take bids from new suppliers and subcontractors once they have pre-qualified with our office to ensure quality craftsmanship. Our goal at Acorn Construction Company is to get you the owner the fairest price with the highest quality standards.

Construction and Post Construction Services

Management Services

Acorn Construction Company conducts weekly project meetings with the owner, architect, project manager, and critical subcontractors to keep the project on schedule and to keep communication open.  Minutes are kept and distributed prior to the next meeting that address items that need to be completed and that are critical to the project.  An example of items addressed are scheduling, COB’s (change order Bulletins), RFI’s (request for information), ASI’s (architects supplemental information), safety, subcontractor progress, material orders, requests for payment, etc.

Project Scheduling

CPM (critical path method) is used throughout the pre-construction and construction phases of the project.  Each major project activity is  entered into the CPM schedule which identifies all of the “critical” items at the beginning of the project allowing ample time to get items ordered; especially items that have long lead times so that the project progresses without delays.

Quality Assurance Program

By continuously reviewing all construction activities from pre-construction through final construction Acorn assures that a quality product is turned over upon project completion. 

Upon completion of the closeout procedures Acorn will issue the owner a one-year warranty letter along with warranty request forms.  During the warranty period, the owner will use this form for any warranty issues that may arise.  The form can be FAXED or emailed to our office for review and will immediately be scheduled for repair.   Acorn promises that our dedication to your project doesn’t end just because the keys have been turned over.